Brittany’s Pelvic Exam Story

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I was 14 when i had my first pelvic exam. It was really weird at first, the nurse had me change into a gown and sit in the stirrups while I waited for my doctor to come it. I was very nervous at first just sitting in the cold room alone while i was just waiting. I knew it was about to happen I just couldn’t believe it was about to happen then.

I wasn’t positive if I was going to get an exam when I had arrived, but I had a feeling that it would happen. The doctor and the nurse finally came back into the room, the doctor told me just to lay down and slide my butt to the end of the table, I knew then that it was coming. I couldn’t stop it. She told me just to relax and I would be done in a few minutes.

As she was about to slide the cold metal speculum into my vagina, she started to ask me questions about my vagina and sex life. She asked me when was the last time I had sex, that made my heart stop. I didn’t know that she knew, but i told her when I had sex was. By this time I was already soaking wet… She then put some lube into my vagina then inserted the speculum into my vagina. It kinda felt like sex, I felt so full all up inside. I actually liked the feeling, it felt nice.

Maybe i”m weird that i liked it but oh well. After the exam she let me sit up, I was still in my gown. She started asking me more questions like when was my last period, etc. During the exam it was hard for me to relax because I was pretty nervous, I started taking deep breaths and I helped me relax during the exam. As it happen I felt a great amount of wetness, I couldn’t control it, it just happen.

A few of my close friends do know that I have had an exam, but they do not know all of what happen, I just wasn’t open enough to share every detail to what happen with them. I felt more mature after I had my exam. Some people are terrified to get an exam, but I’m not. I am confident and ready for my next one when the time comes. I was lucky I got to keep my mom out of the room.

I am so glad she was not in there. Exams actually aren’t as bad as they sound. So when it is finally your turn to get one don”t be afraid, all girls have to have them in some point. It’s really no biggy.

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