How to Deal with Arousal?

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I’ve read your history that you provided on the form and your question as well. From what I understand, the arousal wasn’t really a problem when you were dating because the sex satisfied you. But now that you single, masturbation doesn’t really scratch the itch. I have some questions I’m hoping you can answer for me. You indicated you aren’t on birth control. Have you ever been? Some birth control can lower sex drive a bit so that may help a bit. You also say youve never had a pelvic exam. While I doubt there is anything wrong, that could be helpful just to rule out anything. Is the arousal just during ovulation each month or is it more constant? The arousal tied to anything else – for example I was on the swimteam in highschool and the suits we had to wear rubbed every single time. I couldn’t be in one without getting distracted. Is there anything similar to that making it worse? I look forward to your answer and we can talk some more. I’m sure there will be at least some sort of solution.

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