How to Stop Getting Wet in a Leotard

A visitor asked. How do I stop myself from being wet when I wear a leotard?

There are a few things to try, but overall, the solution usually isn’t about stopping the wetness, its about accepting it and getting used to it.

First, a quick review of why you get wet. Girls get wet between their legs when they are aroused – its your body’s way of getting ready for a guy to go inside your vagina for sex. So, you should get wet when you are about to have sex, it makes it a lot easier. The problem is, your body can get tricked. When it feels something rubbing between your legs it can assume it’s a guy putting the moves on you and you get wet.

A leotard can feel a lot like a guy to your body. Its tight and it rubs every time you move. Some leotards manage to rub just from breathing – I wore one of those as a teen, it was horrible, but kinda good too. The movement of the material over your clitoris will send the message to your body that its time to get wet. That may or may not be accompanied by a feeling of arousal.

So back to the question. how to stop the wetness. You can try a tampon – the wetness mostly comes from your cervix, so a tampon can stop it. The problem is that wearing a tampon isn’t comfy when you aren’t on your period, so most girls don’t find it worth it.

You can wear a pad, but that is very easy to see in a leotard, so its basically out too.

What most girls do, and what I did, was just get used to it. If you pay attention for a couple days, you will find all your friends wearing leotards are wet too. Some will show faster than others – everyone gets wet at a different speed.

I’ve talked to lots of girls on cheer squads and gymnastic teams – the answer is almost universal, you are going to get wet, and so is everyone else. It’s just a natural thing that you try ignore. No one is going to tease you about it because they are feeling it too.

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