What does a tampon feel like inside?

The following represents a patients view of a procedure that was performed. It may or may not be similar to what you would experience during the same procedure. These descriptions are provided for information only.

Inserting a tampon for the first time can be a big deal – and you want to know all about it before you do it. Usually, insertion is painless and easy, but when you are nervous the first few times it can be a little harder.

In the best case, you are relaxed and have one leg up on something like the tub, this helps align your vagina for the easiest insertion.

The first thing you will feel is the tampon against your vulva. If you have long labia, you may have to pull them open. If you labia are short, your vagina will already be exposed and ready for the tampon.

As you start to push the tampon in you will feel pressure against your vulva – if the pressure is took great you need to try a bit different angle or a bit different spot. Once you feel a little pressure, you will feel the tampon start to slip in – at first you will feel the pressure going away, then a moment late you will realize you are feeling the tampon inside your vagina.

The actual feeling of the tampon can vary, when I put my first one inside, I felt my vagina opening up and a feeling of fullness. Some girls say they don’t feel it as much.

When the applicator is in as far as it can go, you will feel the fullest you are going to feel from the insertion. As you push the plunger, you may feel a bit of movement inside and the fullness may go a bit higher.

As you pull the applicator back out, you will feel your vagina closing up but will still feel fullness high inside. When the applicator is totally out, you will notice you feel kind of open and full inside. The first few steps you will take will feel weird with something inside.

For most girls, those weird feelings become easy to ignore and feel normal within an hour or two of the first tampon. You may feel them again with each of the first few tampons, but soon you won’t feel it at all when its inside you.

As your tampon fills up, you will start to feel fuller inside. You basically know when to change the tampon from feeling like your vagina is swelled up and heavy. Pulling the tampon out will feel that fullness moving down and out, and then an empty feeling until you slip the next tampon inside.

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