Is it normal to get aroused at school?

Girls who are aroused become wet between their legs and often their nipples become hard.

In class today I was sitting at my desk wearing tight jeans with my legs crossed. When I shifted in my chair I noticed the seam of my jeans in the crotch rubbed right up against my clit. When I moved again, it happened again. I instantly got wet and really aroused. I felt really embarrassed, like everyone could tell how turned on I was. I was now super horny and wet and afraid to move because I might orgasm from my jeans! I spent the rest of the day really turned on and wet. When I got home my panties were completely soaked. Why did this happen? I didn’t have sexual thoughts that day. And is there a way to stop from continuing to get wet or stop from feeling horny when you don’t want to?

You didn’t mention how old you are but I’m guessing around 15 from what happened. Its pretty common at that age to be really sensitive and end up with even tight jeans rubbing. Its also really common when you have to wear a one piece swimsuit or leotard, both will rub you in the same way.

Anytime you feel touching around or on you clit you will feel aroused. You should get wet fairly quickly as well. This is true not only of your jeans or other clothing but also if a guy gets brave enough to give you a little rub. Your body can’t tell the difference between a guy touching and your clothing, so its get wet for both just incase.

Once you get wet at school, feeling the wetness in your panties will generally keep you wet for the rest of the day. Even without a bunch of rubbing, when you walk and feel the wet fabric against your lips you will become further aroused. In nature it has a purpose, the idea is that you eventually get so aroused you throw away any plan you had to not have sex and give in to a guy who wants inside.

The idea is that over the last several thousand years, girls who got aroused easily had lots of sex and had lots of kids. Those who didn’t simply didn’t have as many kids. Over time, chances are that most of us are descendants of girls who got aroused and had sex easily.

This happened to you because your body was physically stimulated to arousal. Thinking about sex causes the same reaction but often you can control your thoughts and not end up soaked. When its physically caused, without removing the stimulus, you stay aroused. Initially the tight jeans started it, then the soaked panties continued it.

Could anyone tell? I’m sure you noticed the guys were paying a lot more attention to you once it was happening. Both talking to you and just hanging out with you more. They don’t really know it at a conscious level enough to tease you for being wet, but guys are instantly attracted to a girl who is wet like you were. They won’t think about why, they will just know suddenly they were very interested in you. After all, guys who are able to figure out which girls were ready for sex also had lots of babies of the years.

There isn’t anything you can do to avoid it. You just need to learn to accept how it feels. Your panties will be soaked a lot of days, that’s normal. Your body probably won’t calm down until you’ve had your first baby in a few years. Until then, try to enjoy how it feels to let go and have the arousal take over your body and mind.

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