My cousin is giving me signs that she wants to sexual experiment with me. What should I do? Is this bad?

Cousins having sex is incest – but it is still somewhat common.

Its pretty common for some experimentation to happen with cousins. Often brothers and sisters are too close to be comfortable whereas a cousin is more similar to just a friend – and sexual urges happen.

There is nothing wrong with experimentation as long as both of you want it. You both need to realize its just experimentation and not a relationship. There is no emotional component – just the physical realities that your bodies are compatible biologically.

Experimentation can range from simple kissing to touching, seeing each other naked or even full intercourse. Usually you start slow and then progress as you feel comfortable. When either one of the participants want to stop, it is important you both stop. Experimentation shouldn’t feel pushed by either person.

If you feel ready – start experimenting. If you aren’t -t tell her you aren’t interest. Obviously she is ready and wanting to try at least some level of experimentation. So, you don’t have to worry about her saying no.

If you two decide to go all the way to sex – make sure to use protection. Its not a great idea to get your own cousin pregnant!

There are plenty of people out there who lost their virginity to a cousin – and many cousins who were each others firsts. It can be a safe way to experiment without the risk of a guy taking advantage of her. That’s likely why she is drawn to it.

What you do. is entirely up to you.

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