My girlfriend wants me to go with for her pelvic exam?

Pelvic exams are performed on most girls yearly.

Each girl is different. Some want their boyfriend no where near when they get put into stirrups for their pelvic exam. Others feel safer knowing he is there beside them as the doctor examines their vagina. Either way, its pretty easy for the guy.

If you do go with, you will be keeping your clothes on and just basically standing around to be an emotional support. Your girlfriend will have to undress and get into an examination gown. And then, when its time, she will have to lay back, put her feet or legs into stirrups and spread wide open. This will give the doctor full access to her vagina – just like you have during foreplay and sex.

Its normal to feel a little weird to see your girl spreading for someone else – but its totally normal. She has had to do this at least once a year since she was 14 – and she will keep doing it. Once you get her pregnant she will do it many more times during the pregnancy.

If the idea of seeing it all bothers you – stay near her head. You won’t see as much.

And, many girls find that they crave physical contact with their boyfriend after an exam. It lets them feel sexual about themselves again instead of just being an object of an examination. Don’t be surprised if she wants sex soon after her exam.

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