Girls in Bra and Panties: A Big Deal?

So if you ask a guy, a girl wearing just bra and panties is a huge deal. But amongst us it really isn’t that big of a deal. Our vagina and nipples are still covered – and most times, they are covered more than in a bikini.

Remember – girls have to change in locker rooms just like guys do – we are totally naked in there most times. So, being with other girls with some clothes on isn’t going to bother us a lot.

Here are some examples of girls that aren’t the least bit shy in their bra and panties:

teen in panties in highschool locker room

Its never fair to take pictures inside the highschool locker room, but its a good reminder that we strip down at school everyday we have gym.

Three teens in bra and panties

Walking in the woods on a dare is just fun for these friends.

Nervous girl in thong that is showing vulva

Maybe some of us do get nervous – but having your picture taken in a thong thats so small its showing your vulva is always going to be scary.

Camel toe panties

No bra exposed here, but panties with a camel toe.

Forgot swimsuit, girl wears bra

Its a bikini bottom but when she forgot her top, she had to just wear her normal bra.

Girls play game in bra and panties

These friends dance their way to a win. It doesn’t bother them at all to be in their bra and panties.

Group of girls in thongs, bras and panties

Its even easier to be seen in bra and panties when your are in a big group. Some are even wearing thongs which do reveal more than most swimsuits.

Bra and panties at a sleepover

These girls are getting ready for bed at a friends sleep over.

Girls in bras in a pool

If you don’t plan ahead and bring a swimsuit, you can always take a dip in your bra and panties too.

College girls in bras

These college girls are wearing their bras as they try on clothes at a friends house.

Three girls in bra and panties in a highschool shower room

More friends taking a quick picture as they change for gym at their highschool.

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