Girls Locker & Shower Room

If highschool is in your near future, you may already be worrying what the girls locker room is like at your new school. Every school is different, but you should expect less modesty then you had in middle school. And, the rules will be different too. While most girls grade eight and under only have to strip to bra and panties and then put on gym clothes – most highschools require you to disrobe completely and to also shower after class.

A typical highschool locker room looks like this:

You will be assigned a locker and keep it all year. When its time for gym you will come to your locker, strip down and then get into your gym clothes. A bench is often available to sit on if you end up waiting or for putting on shoes and socks, etc.

The biggest question we ever get is about the showers in highschool. A few schools do offer more private showers, but almost all offer communal showers like these. After gym, you return to the locker room and to your locker. Once there, you strip completely putting your clothes into your locker. Once naked, you walk from your locker to the showers and chose an empty spot. At first its common to be shy, but you will quickly become used to the routine. You should ensure you soap yourself completely in the shower as most workouts in highschool end up with you being very sweaty. Make sure you wash between your legs even though that may feel strange at first in a group setting.

Once you are done showering, you step into the drip dry area and stand for a moment or two as the majority of the water runs off you. You walk back to your locker where you can use your own towel to dry off the rest of the way and then dress into your street clothes.

Most high school girls have gym everyday which means its only a matter of time until you have gym and your period on the same day. The best way to deal with that is to wear a tampon. Its considered normal for your string to show as you change and shower when you are on your period. It is possible to tuck your string up inside your vagina so that no one can tell there is a tampon inside your body – but it makes it harder to change the tampon after. The simplest is to leave the string hanging out like you always do – every girl has a period so its nothing that everyone else doesn’t have to do as well.

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