What does it mean when your vagina hurts when being rubbed?

Normally, when a guy rubs a girls vagina, she feels only pleasure.

It can be a few things. The most common is that he is rubbing your clit too hard. When guys are rubbing the first times, they aren’t sure where to rub and often end up touching too hard in very sensitive places. If you can rub yourself and it feels fine, but hurts when he does it, its probably him touching too rough.

Show him how you touch and he will learn how to rub you the same way so you feel amazing.

If its hurting once his fingers are inside – it can easily be that his finger nails are not trimmed short enough. Long nails will scratch inside your vagina. If that’s happening, you’ll feel sore for a few hours after. Tylenol helps – and explain that he needs to trim so that you can enjoy it more.

Some girls are so nervous about being touched their muscles contract when a boy is down there. If you are feeling that incredible tightness and that is leading to pain – your problem can be harder to solve. Often getting more comfortable with the boy can help. Other times, you need to see your doctor for help.

If the pain is accompanied by strange discharge, etc – you may have picked up an infection or STD. As much as going for a pelvic exam sucks – go as soon as the problem starts so it gets over with sooner and you run less risk of permanent complications.

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