What does it mean when a guy rubs your vagina?

Your vulva is essentially the part of your reproductive tract that can be seen when you are standing naked with your legs slightly spread. It includes both your inner and outer lips as well as the clitoral hood and the opening to your vagina.

It’s a pretty simple question but the answer can be a bit complicated – so here we go. Your vagina is located up inside your body, you get to it between your legs. Unless a guy actually has his fingers up inside your vagina, he probably isn’t rubbing it. More likely, he was rubbing your vulva – that’s the area between your legs where your lips and vagina are located.

Now when a guy rubs your vulva, it’s a sex related thing. Most likely, he is thinking about sex with you and just can’t keep his hands to himself. He may be doing it to show you he likes you, but most likely he is doing it to see if you respond favorably and might want to go further.

For most girls, we have a built in instinct to kinda give in to sex when we are rubbed between our legs. If you are a bit younger, say 12 or 13, you might not have developed that yet – in which case the rubbing will feel good. But once you are 14 and up, when a guy rubs down there, you will feel a strong desire to relax and just let your legs spread. Obviously, that’s the first step in letting him have sex with you. It’s actually rather difficult to stop yourself from having sex once you are being rubbed. Most guys will rub for at least a few minutes before they penetrate your vagina. This gives you time to get wet so they are able to slip inside you easily and without painful friction.

Rubbing can happen at different times – usually it starts with your clothes on and he rubs through your pants. Its not as direct then and you may not feel the unstoppable desire to give in right away. If you do find him cute, it usually isn’t long before your body is responding and sending him the signals that sex is ok.

A lot of girls get rubbed in a swimsuit – mostly at the pool. Swimsuits are very thin to begin with so you’ll feel his fingers a lot easier. Your body will respond almost instantly. It’s very normal to just be still and let him touch, so don’t be upset with yourself if you did just that. The pool is probably the place where the most “drive by” rubbing happens – a guy you don’t really know rubbing you in passing to see how you react. As long as you aren’t upset, he will likely continue. It can be enjoyable even if it never leads to anything.

If you are already naked when rubbed. well we can see where this is going.

How common is it to be rubbed? You will be at some point in your life no matter what. But, almost everyone is rubbed by someone at some point who they aren’t in a relationship with – just someone who knows how our minds work and wants to see how we will react to the touch. Don’t be afraid to enjoy it.

Often the first few times you are rubbed aren’t by strangers. Many girls experience an older brother, cousin or friends brother rubbing them a bit as they experiment a bit. As long as you are comfortable with being touched, it doesn’t do any harm to let the rubbing happen. If you aren’t comfortable, ask them to stop.

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