What does it mean when a girl is wet?

We aren’t talking about girls that have been out in the rain, a wet girl is an aroused girl. Lets first spend a moment talking about guys – when a guy is aroused, he gets hard. Girls are less obvious about being aroused.

When a girl becomes aroused, her heart rate increases, her pupils dilate slightly, her nipples become stiff and, as is most commonly associated with a girl being aroused her vagina gets wet.

The wetness is essentially her body getting ready to have sex. It doesn’t mean she is thinking about sex at that moment, just that her body recognizes sex might be near. Something as simple as a cute guy opening a door for you is enough to make you wet. In much the same way a guy can’t predict when he will get hard, or stop it from happening, a girl has no control over when she gets wet.

Girls start getting wet as they hit puberty. Barely any ten year olds get wet but almost all 13 year olds do. Teens often have telltale signs of being wet, but as girls get older they get better at hiding it.

If you have never felt yourself wet, or are a guy trying to understand, its fairly simple. It feels a little like you’ve peed yourself. Normally you feel a bit of an ache deep inside, then a few seconds later a feeling of your lips being really moist and wet. Within a minute or so you panties will feel wet against you.

The wetness makes you feel different when you walk – as you are getting used to it, its normal to walk with your legs further apart. Seeing a girl walking weird is a great sign she is wet. Its normal to keep feeling wet for an hour or more after you’ve been wet and the arousal has passed. The more aroused you were, the longer you are going to feel the wetness in your panties.

Most of what makes girls wet is emotional stimulation -seeing a cute guy, talking to someone they like, flirting. But physical stimulation causes wetness as well. When a guy rubs a girl, she gets wet almost immediately.

Believe it or not, the most common causes for wetness has nothing to do with sex – almost every girl gets wet when she wears a one piece swimsuit, leotard or bodysuit. The material rubs between your legs in a way that makes your body think someone is touching you. Many girls actually have to hurry to the pool after changing into their suit for fear someone might see a wet spot on their swimsuit.

Many girls also get wet during their annual physical exam – the process of having your vagina exposed and opened often causes wetness. Of all the times a girl feels wet, most say this is the strangest – you aren’t thinking about sex at all but simply can’t stop the natural function of wetness.

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