What does it mean when a guy fingers you?

The most common time for a girl to be randomly fingered is in a pool when their are boys her age or slightly older. Often a guy will pretend to brush between a girls legs in an “accidental” manner. If she doesn’t object and leaves her legs spread, he will then continue touching her.

A guy fingers you when he uses his fingers to rub between your legs. If he is rubbing through your pants, panties, swimsuit, leotard etc then he is officially “petting” you. Saying a guy is fingering you is reserved for when his fingers are directly touching your lips, clit and vagina. Technically it can still be petting until he inserts at least the tip of his finger into your vagina.

Normally a guy won’t stop at just a finger tip and will insert an entire finger into your vagina. You’ll feel it go up inside you. Depending upon how far in he goes, you will feel the tip of his finger under your belly button and in behind your mound.

A guy fingering you can mean a couple things. If you are in a relationship, it’s a normal step as you get closer to having actual sex. Once you are having sex, a guy will normally still finger you for a few minutes before actual sex to get your vagina as wet as possible. This fingering to wet you before sex is called foreplay.

It is not uncommon for a guy who you are not in relationship with to pet or finger you. Usually this happens at opportune times like when you are in a swimsuit at the beach or pool and he has easy access. His actual intent in fingering you can be diverse.

Some guys will finger a guy just to see if she will let him. While a guy wouldn’t finger a girl he did not find attractive – he may have no interest in a relationship. Guys are very physically oriented and it can be a huge thrill for a guy to touch a random girl and see the look in her eyes as she feels her body become aroused by him.

Other guys will finger you as a first step to seeing if you are interested in a relationship. They assume that if you allow them to finger you that you are also interested in a relationship.

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