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Welcome to Quietchoices – on this site you will find a ton of questions that have already been asked by other visitors. Feel free to read them and see if they help with your question. If they don’t or if you just want to know more – ask your own question. It will be answered by a health care professional. The best way to ask if using the interactive help section so we have your medical background. But for simple, questions you will find a question box on the bottom of each page – make sure to use your email address so we can get back to you.

As we answer more and more questions… this list is getting long. But go through it slowly – you will find a lot of interesting things that may be of use. If you are a patient at our clinic, remember these are fairly generic answers. Make sure to bring up your questions at your next visit to get answers that are specific to your situation. Remember, we know your body best and want to help you.

We start with some general information and you will find questions from other visitors further down this list:

Pregnancy Questions & Discussion

Abortion Help & Questions
(A Hypnotherapy Course is Availabe in this Subject Area)

Abortion – Stories from Patients

Female Health – Stories from Patients

Pelvic Exam Questions and Stories
(A Hypnotherapy Course is Availabe in this Subject Area)

Tampon Questions

Rape & Sexual Assault Questions

First Time Stories from

Questions & Answers for Guys

Sedation & Surgery

(A Hypnotherapy Course is Availabe in this Subject Area)

Various Questions from Visitors

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Even more questions from visitors…

When the questions aren’t a simple one liner we usually provide a detailed reponse by email. Some of you may find some help in those responses even though they are very specific to the individual. We’ve stripped the names out but posted many of our email responses at this link. Beware! Its a bit messy in there!